Monday, August 20, 2012


Colour wheels have always held a fascination for me, in the studio I have several of these devices which contribute not only to the mixing of colours but also working with secondary, tertiary, warm and cool colours. The most complex of these is my largest wheel which covers colour relationship, these prove invaluable when working and tracking Impossimal colours against various backgrounds using the tint, tone and shade. Tint is a colour plus white, tone is a colour plus grey and finally shade is colour plus black.

Which brings me on to this, a black and white colour wheel. No, really, it's a colour wheel. Usings spatial aeronautical dynamic convolution theory is what I would like to say it uses but really it's an illusion to trick your eyes. To turn this black and white circle into colour you first need to print it out so it's approximately 18cm in diameter. Cut the circle out and puncture the centre with a cocktail stick or pin. When spun you will see different colours appear, spin it in the opposite direction for the colours to appear in a different place.

Completely useless I know but for five minutes after making myself dizzy on my swivel chair first I swear when I spun it I visited a planet called Walnetto on the back of a glitter pig and spoke with a very talkative giraffe called Archibald about the price of fish.

Jayne found me minutes later wearing a paper hat and dancing with the chair.

Powerful stuff, be careful how you use this secret black and white colour enhancer it be trippin'


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