Thursday, June 06, 2013

Murder She Wrote

I'm on the last leg of Bloodlines, tidying everything up including all the oil sketches that went into creating the collection. Over the last two weeks I have been writing all the stories from my notes, tying up dates, objects and people through a timeline that covers around six hundred years. It's been quite tough, a years work for twelve paintings, each one starting with a scene built in miniature, scenes that have covered streets, kitchens, meadows, shops, clock towers, underwater and even one set in a fortune telling amusement cabinet.

To all that was added objects, a little under three hundred were painted in with weird items like sandwiches, bank notes, guns, false teeth and balloon whisks. Add a sprinkle of hidden objects, codes to break and things to find twisted with popular culture and icons to mix it all up. Then came the names, a Slurping Sipper Slosher, The Monsterous Rampant Jekylled Whatabanker, not your normal names I think you would agree. Finally the stories, a series of letters passed between two people that chart the discovery of the history behind each painting cumulating in a murderous game of cat and mouse.

That is Bloodlines, a mentally unstable dash through history. I'll leave you with the last lines of the story...

' We need to do something Edward, this whole business is starting to unnerve me; I’m constantly looking over my shoulder and questioning everything around me. The Lost Impossimals contain some kind of secret, a dangerous secret that has been hidden for hundreds of years, we are fools to try and unlock its mysteries. It’s been made worse by two new discoveries this morning, firstly all the paintings are connected like an intricate jigsaw and secondly hidden in every painting is...


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