Thursday, July 24, 2014


A bit of an update today to bring you up to speed with all the developments in the world of the Impossimals. Firstly all the latest Impossimal paintings and oil sketches should just be filtering out the galleries by the end of this week. It's an assorted bunch of around twenty nine items including originals and oil sketches of varying sizes. A selection has been made on what will be the next Impossimal limited editions from these originals and they will be published early in September followed by...

...possibly double appearances at selected galleries as Jayne, the better half of the Impossimals, joins Washington Green and launches her stunning ceramic and metal wildlife original only artwork into the galleries too. Full details still to be worked out over the next few months.

Meanwhile in the studio which is now split in two a la Steptoe and Son's classic episode we are both beavering away working on the 2015 releases. It's so strange to always work a year ahead but there are some classic Impossimals on the way including three new sculptures, the first in three years.

By November we will both be switching over to work on Revelations, the third instalment of the Lost Impossimals. A wilder ride than before with solutions, stories and a new chapter to solve that uses some of the latest technology literally embedded in the paintings...

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