Thursday, August 30, 2012


It's been almost a year since the last Impossimal releases so in anticipation of this weekends events here's a little preview of what is coming your way. I have put together a simple collection of four pieces, each offering something different, one is family based, another amusing, one to compliment a sculpture and finally one to complete a story.

First is this, Home Comforts, again based around a real family, this time the entire scene was modelled and photographed before being painted. The sofa is made it of balsa wood and plasticine whilst the backdrop is cardboard and paper. The final painting was lit from the front and left sides to recreate a homely feel.

The second piece again was modelled in full, you may have seen the blog entry about this a while ago before we decided to go ahead and publish it, it's one of my favourites.

The final piece in a long running collection 'Together Forever', this time based on a short poem.

A time to enjoy and a time to share,

A moment to pause, reflect and declare,

A forever love,

For we are both already there.

And this, the inspiration to the Lovers sculpture and one we have been trying to get right for a year or so due to its heavy use of metal and gold leaf. Now it looks great so I have decided to finally release it.

Hopefully something for everyone, the Impossimals Remastered will just have to wait a little longer I'm afraid...


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