Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I love food. No, really, I love food I just don't always eat enough of it but when I do I like to enjoy what I eat but I have noticed a trend amongst food manufacturers, if the packaging changes so does the food. This didn't used to worry me but now I look more closely at the contents they really do push it some times.

To flavour some of the meals we have we use a pre-made stock, be it vegetable or chicken so when the packaging changed I thought uh oh, something's amiss. And it was, our healthy stock had funky new packaging and a new healthy amount of bad stuff thrown in too. An 100g of the stuff had grown from 95 calories to 160, carbohydrates had shockingly rose from 4.9g to 27g and now included 9g of sugar. Salt and fat had been reduced, but only marginally that the other ingredients more than compensated.

Now this all sounds trivial moaning about small movements in quantities but multiply this by all the products you use and by stealth, even eating the same products that kept you in shape, you will slowly gain weight. It's no wonder people are so confused with packaging and on just what is healthy and what isn't, don't even get me started on price comparison and weights, I could write a book on some of the things I have noticed.

Anyway, the blog is about fun so let's brush all that aside and not get my Snickers in a Twix, whilst looking up various chocolate bars for a story I am writing I came across some peculiar entries on Wikipedia.

Anybody tried a Godiva? I'm intrigued by the description, 'A lot of kinds. With stuffing inside', personally chocolate coated stuffing doesn't do it for me, whatever next, chicken wings in chocolate to go with it. Although I do like the sound of the sordid Golden Rough, did you know there's one called Menthe? Isn't that what hardened drinkers drink? Still, somebody could buy you a Moody, or even the suggestively sounding Oh Henry!

Still, Koreans get to enjoy a Crunky, which I can't help but think its spelt wrong, then again it does contain, if you look closely 'Rice Crips'. A perfect accompament to Welch Fudge, which sounds so wrong that it should be a in a manual somewhere on what not to get in to.

Before I Revel in more chocolaty Bounty I have just noticed its After Eight and I have the Munchies which is no Picnic I can tell you. Here's a challenge for you, today try and fit as many chocolate bar names into your everyday banter. In a meeting? No problem, try using terms like 'That's a great idea, definitely a Yorkie' or 'The statistics show we are completely Double Deckered'. Work in Health Care? Then try 'I'm sorry, but you have contracted a bout of Caramac Breakaway'. Even members of the law can indulge, imagine slapping on the handcuffs to the phrase 'You're Kit-Kat my son, I'm taking you in for a Penguin, you'll need a Bounty to get out of this one.'

See, easy, and it will brighten up everyone's day. Rolo. :)


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