Friday, August 03, 2012

Making Living Life Laughable Direct

Welcome to the latest online catalogue for MLLL Direct, your one stop shop to make life that bit more laughable. Please use the code TWITiAM at the checkout to receive your bonus gift of the Personal Tazer System The Bodyshocker (ORDER ITEM SHOCKU2) absolutely free of charge if you place your order within the next three years.
Protect Eyes From Front, Top, Side and Bottom with these stylish Designer Morecombe.
Can be worn over spectacles!
The hip design of these designer inspired unisex spectacular spectacles are on the cutting edge of fashion. Protecting your eyes with our cheap bit of plastic will afford you no extra protection at all, we guarantee! With side arms that will fit no human comfortably and a nose rest that only Pinocchio would enjoy you will be the talk of the town at dinner parties, swish events and even shopping at the supermarket. Realised in sleek black plastic and finished with two small screws to hold it all together the craftsmanship needs to be seen to be believed. Great also for water sports, skiing, jogging or for the more adventurous, walking. They even make ideal driving glasses making sure you get that extra special wink at traffic lights.
Enhance your life today with our Designer Morecombe!


7353DSM Designer Morcombes £99.99

Tired of searching for that special gift? Then search no more. For the person that has everything give them something they will remember - The heart melting Box Of Sea Coal.

Hand gathered from the deepest regions of Skegness beach bring back the good old days of open fires, outside toilets and rickets with this classic gift guaranteed to bring a tear to the recipients eye. Professionally gift wrapped in a cardboard hat box this is the gift that keeps on giving. Each piece of sea coal is guaranteed, yes, guaranteed to burn! (FIRELIGHTERS, OPEN HEARTH, LOGS, MATCHES AND SCRUNCHED UP NEWSPAPER NOT INCLUDED) after you have finished all your sea coal why not order a top up for only £45, alternatively use the stylish cardboard hat box as a hand storage unit. (COAL DUST MAY STAIN, TAINT OR RUIN OBJECTS LEFT IN BOX, NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 39)


1524BOC Box Of Sea Coal Giftwrapped £46

Wide eyed and simply adorable is some of the words used to describe the heart melting precious ornament. Who could fail to smile when they see this aspirational decoration adorning your mantle piece or coffee table. Creating a striking addition to any decor this Chirpy Guitar Playing Plastic Tart is beautifully finished with realistic detail. As a bonus the eyes have been skilfully painted with luminous paint to glow in the dark so you never need to not see it again. It has been described as once seen never forgotten, it really is that good!


5823TART Chirpy Guitar Playing Plastic Tart £19.99 + £8 P&P Courier and Insurance.

Never again be without an 'L' shaped tool. In this very special promotion from MLLL Direct we are proud to offer you the chance to own not only two 'L' shaped tools but three for free! (MUST BUY TWO TO QUALIFY, 'L' REFERS TO SHAPE, TOOL MAY BE OF LIMITED USED TO 99.9% OF PEOPLE BUT IS EXCELLENT FOR REMOVING DEEP SEA DIVERS HELMETS)

Your workshop or shed will be complete and should you ever need a special 'L' Universal Release Actuator Tool you always know you have one to hand, one for the kitchen drawer and even with our special offer one to give as the ultimate handyman's gift.


7645URT 'L' Shaped URA Tool Offer £5.99

A simple way to store all your loose change and dead wasps this attractive Wasp-O-Changeamatic with delightful fat doll motif will keep all your deceased wasps and pocket shrapnel safe. Not only that but the handy divider (NOT SUPPLIED) stops them all getting jumbled up avoiding unnecessary annoyance. Used in combination with our Wasp Scissors (CUT WASPS IN HALF, QUARTERS, AND EVEN 4/5th's!) for neater storage solutions. Automatically groups coins together and even helps count them for you. (SIMPLY POUR OUT THE CONTENTS, REMOVE WASPS AND COUNT CHANGE, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!) when you have no dead wasps to store or you have run out of loose change it can also be used as a handy receptacle for pens, an attractive vase for flowers or an emergency container if you are caught short.
This is one item our readers awarded ITEM OF THE YEAR 2011!!!
6829WCM Wasp-O-Changeamatic £19.99
Today's blog was bought to you by MLLL Direct, a subsidiary of MLLLLLL Direct, owner of established brand MLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Direct the creator of Spankaspider the worlds first spider repeller to use a hammer and butane gas.

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