Thursday, September 06, 2012

Cheap Drunk

A little trip into town and a bit of a treat, cockles and peas, the Mansfield equivalent of London's pie and mash and very tasty it was too on this sunny but blustery day. On our journey into town we use the cycle route, a popular shortcut used by many only today it had a mysterious trail to follow...

It started quite innocently with a discarded Rolo milkshake, a common enough bit of rubbish not to draw too much attention but next to it around six paces further was a can of something called a Ripper. Not quite sure what type of popular beverage it is but it did look a little unsavoury and more along the lines of paint stripper than enjoyable fluid.

Not very attractive is it? I can only assume we were following a person with a mission, a thirst quenching mission that was starting to show signs of desperation.

For next in line was vodka, none of that expensive rubbish, more along the lines of Glenn's Vodka, that well known brand that celebs drink. Our mystery drinker had cranked it up to level ten.

Sorry, level twenty. Two more vodka bottles lay strewn around the general area next to one shoe. Boy, they really are determined to quench that thirst and party on.

It showed that things were getting desperate for three more bottles lay steps away, oh, and another shoe. Now I had a pair, unfortunately they didn't fit but I was holding out for a jumper or a nice discarded hat instead.

I take my hat off to you sir or madam for you have reached level 99 and can level up no further. Hidden behind a tree, I say hidden it was more of a dumped behind a tree, was this, the photograph only shows five bottles because I had to quickly put my camera away when somebody came around the corner. It's bad enough that when they passed they looked at the bottles then at me and shook their head in disgust. So not only did I look suspicious crouched down in the undergrowth they will now relate tales about me to friends on how they came across an unsavoury drunk that had consumed superhuman amounts of vodka and was now bent over photographing dog eggs.

Anyway, the bottles were just the start, I counted 37. Yes, 37! It gets better, when they finished all the big bottles they then started on the miniatures so just as one trail ended a new miniature Glenn trail started. I have never partied THAT hard, congratulations sir or madam.

Sorry for the poor quality photographs in today's blog but it's awfully difficult to use a camera phone and drink from a vodka bottle at the same time, I do however have some awesome photographs of dog eggs.


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