Friday, December 06, 2013

Are You Ready'ing? See What I Did There, lol, rotfl, OMG, oh dear.

If you would like to chat to a 'nut job' and be privy to an assortment of flowery words or alternatively have a piece dedicated for Christmas before they lock him away then come along to this weekends free events.

On Saturday 7th Peter will be at Castle Galleries in Reading between 1-4pm and on Sunday 8th Peter will be at Chelmer Fine Art in Chelmsford between 12-3pm. All welcome for some of the last events before we lock Peter away again in his studio and hopefully this time lose the key.

Should be a great weekend, Peter is now reaching critical flywheel stabiliser gyroscopic levels of madness which as we all well know adds to the excitement.

See you this weekend!


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